Frequently Asked Questions 

I'm New Here

Do I have to be United Methodist?

         No, you do not have to be a United Methodist.  We have students from            several different denominational backgrounds. All students are welcome            to be a part of our ministry.

I'm interested in getting involved with the Wesley, but I am not sure how? 

         While Tuesday evenings are a great time to get involved at CU Wesley, it is not the only way you can be involved. We offer bible studies on Thursdays during lunch as well as offer mission opportunities throughout the semester. Please fill out the form to the right and let us know who you are and we will get more information to you about how you can get involved.

CU Wesley is located on the corner of 27th and D ave.  If you are on campus, we are directly east of the student union across the street from Cameron Village. 

College is an exciting time! There are new opportunities, new people and for many of you a new town. It is important during this time to find a place to belong. Many CU students have sought a place to belong, and found the CU Wesley as their place to belong. Our mission is to be an accepting group that is supportive and also encourages you to grow in your faith. If this is the type of place that you are looking for join us Tuesday night at 6:30p.m. for Dinner and Worship. This is a great first step to getting involved and finding a family at CU Wesley.