God is calling you to work in the world today! As the CU Wesley Leadership Team, you will be putting your call into action and developing leadership skills along the way. By joining the CU Wesley Leadership Team, you will be a part of the team that makes all our ministry happens. Our CU Wesley staff will empower and encourage you to be vehicles of positive change at Cameron University and the surrounding community. You will help us create worship experiences for students, discern the mission work necessary for our community, organize fundraising events, and attend leadership training. 

All of these things look great on a job applications or future academic recommendations. But most importantly, they help to build the kingdom of God...right here, and right now. 


  • Leadership Team Members must be currently enrolled students (full-time or part time) in good standing with Cameron University.
  • Officers of the CU Wesley Leadership Team are to have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.00, and not be on any sort of academic or disciplinary sanction, nor have any type of enrollment hold.
  • Be willing to assist in planning and coordinating mission work, worship, and fundraising efforts for the CU Wesley. 
  • Be encouraging to others exploring God's call on their lives.